Our Tool Shed is a resource library designed for professionals working within all aspects of park maintenance.  We continually research best maintenance practices from all industries to gather videos, articles, templates and web sites and store them in one place for our subscribers. We spend the time to sift through the noise and provide you with valuable information when you need it, so you can focus on developing solutions.

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Introduction to GroundskeepingBeacon Athletics, 2021Beacon Athletics developed Groundskeeper U to help baseball grounds crews get on the same page, doing things the right way. When you complete these introductory modules and lessons, you’ll be equipped with all the basic knowledge you need to avoid common groundskeeping mistakes and become a contributing member of your crew.Weblink
Guide to LEED CertificationU.S. Green Building Council, 2021This site outlines certification guides support the LEED process. Access each rating system guide for important information regarding the LEED certification program including the current policies, procedures and pricing.Weblink
How to Remove the Invasive Plants Threatening Native PlantsVPM, 2020This video highlights Jim Hurley from Blue Ridge PRISM, a volunteer group focused on helping property owners identify and remove invasive plants that are threatening natives.Video
Invasive Species Spotlight: Purple LoosestrifePA DCNR, 2020Purple loosestrife is a common invasive plant in Pennsylvania. Its flowers are commonly seen along wetlands, stream banks, and other wet areas. This prolific plant overtakes habitat and out competes native plants -- lowering diversity and preventing native wildlife from getting the nutrition they need.Video
Invasive species: Bush honeysuckleThe State Journal-Register, 2013Bush honeysuckle invades the forest, crowding out native wildflowers and suppressing the growth of new oak and hickory trees.Video

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