Our Tool Shed is a resource library designed for professionals working within all aspects of park maintenance.  We continually research best maintenance practices from all industries to gather videos, articles, templates and web sites and store them in one place for our subscribers. We spend the time to sift through the noise and provide you with valuable information when you need it, so you can focus on developing solutions.

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Native, Invasive, and Other Plant-Related DefinitionsUS Dept. of Ag, 2022Technical definitions related to the management of plant speciesWeblink
Cool-Season Turfgrass Pest ManagementPenn State University Extension, 2015This study guide is designed to help potential pesticide applicators prepare for the PA state certification exam in lawn and turf to meet the certification requirements listed in the state and federal guidelines.Document
Turf Pest ControlKansas State University Extension, 2013This manual provides detailed information on diagnosis and management of turfgrass diseases, insect pests, and weeds.Document
Integrated Management of Turfgrass InsectsPurdue University Extension, 2020The goal of this publication is to provide property owners and turfgrass management professionals with basic information to: 1) properly identify the most common turfgrass insect pests of Indiana and adjacent states, 2) recognize insect damage, 3) understand insect biology and 4) formulate safe and effective pest management strategies.Document
Common Insects and Disease Pests of Turfgrasses & OrnamentalsAlabama A&M and Auburn Universities Extension, 2017Use these images and brief descriptions to learn about the most common plant disease symptoms, insects, and related arthropods.Document

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