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Irrigation Water Quality Guidelines for Turfgrass SitesPenn State Extension, 2016Irrigation water quality is becoming an important issue for managers of golf courses, athletic fields, and institutional grounds in Pennsylvania.Weblink
Cost Analysis for Improving Park Facilities to Promote Park-based Phys ActivityNC State Extension, 2015In these studies, researchers are able to obtain baseline measures on park use and activity in a park before an improvement occurs and compare the measures to data obtained following the improvement. Such comparisons evaluate the extent to which park facilities encourage increased use and activity levels. Studies of this kind show promising results. In general, parks are used more often and users are more active following improvements or renovations.Weblink
Sample Standards of Care for Outdoor Park Facilities and AmenitiesCity of El Paso, TX, 2017The following standards, along with adopted operating budgets, will be used to guide all decisions and actions taken by the Department to ensure safe and enjoyable facilities for the present and future.Document
Sample Level of Care Cost Estimate Budgeting SheetGreat Rivers Greenway, 2020The following are "Programmatic level" estimates of annualized LOC O&M Cost and Capital Repair Cost to be estimated at the Planning, Design and Constructed stages of development.Document
Maintenance Practices and Costs of Rail-TrailsRails to Trails Conservancy, 2015This study presents a more comprehensive understanding of rail-trail maintenance, as has been done for other rail-trail issues such as construction costs, economic impact and rails-with-trails. Such an approach enables the rail-trail community to focus its limited resources more effectively on addressing the most critical issues.Document

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