Someone is going to get a pie in the face!  Who will it be? 
Cast your vote! $25 = One Vote


Give back to your fellow park and recreation professionals, by participating in our Pie-a-Palooza giving campaign. All funds raised will support our new Career Advancement Scholarship Fund! The Fund provides financial assistance to PRPS members to attend professional development opportunities such as the Leadership Development Academy, professional certification and accreditation programs, professional topical and technical workshops, webinars, and conferences.

Play in Pie-a-Palooza by making a $25 donation to vote for one of the volunteers listed below. The individual with the highest number of donations/votes will be pied at the 2020 Conference & Expo!

Just select the PRPS member below you want to see take a pie to the face in fun and support of the PRPS Career Advancement Scholarship Fund!

Pie Tim Herd - CEO

Pie Tracy Robert - Membership Manager

Pie Heather Cuyler - D1 President - Western PA District

Pie Carly Mercadante - D2 President - Central PA District

Pie Katie Kollar - D3 President - Eastern PA District