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PRPS continues to host Virtual Roundtables to provide a networking platform for members to share the challenges and issues they are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us to brainstorm ideas and share creative ways to cope with closures, new work restrictions, future unknowns, and how to move forward during this stressful time. Take this opportunity to share and learn with peers from across Pennsylvania. We are stronger together! 

Upcoming Roundtables


Join us for open discussion among your peers about topics and issues and share your stories and ask your questions! The first 45 minutes will be a dialogue with the full group, and we will end with the opportunity to break into smaller specialized groups (districts, rural, urban, etc.). We encourage you to send hot topics ahead of time to help initiate discussions - topics can be sent to [email protected].

Aquatics Roundtable, May 10 at 10 am
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Join us for a special presentation from Owen C. Long, LGIT, CPRIT, EMRIT, BLSIT, ALSIT, PALSIT, FAST-IT
President and CEO, Sertified., LLC

Sertified., LLC is an American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider that specializes in providing high-quality American Red Cross training courses across the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington D.C. region. Sertified. aims to keep the certification process simple and thorough. In a post-COVID world, we know that our aquatics professionals are tasked with greater responsibly than ever before; staff is harder than ever to find; training is harder than ever to “squeeze into the schedule”. We want to challenge you with the idea of contracting it out. Come learn how you can improve employee satisfaction and retention, decrease training biases, and ultimately increase the quality of training your staff is receiving. We want to work WITH you to help your employees stay safe, stay smart, and #StaySertified.!


Roundtable Recordings 

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Summer Camp & Outdoor Summer Camp Roundtables  
1/31/2022 Recording Click Here. Chat Box PDF. Related Documents.
Recording Click HerePDF. 
Recording Click here.  Handouts: 
     Pre-screen med. form PDF
     Safety Guidlines PDF
     Parent Handbook PDF
7/30/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
6/2/2020 Recording:Click here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
5/22/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
5/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/29/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/23/2020  Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/7/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

For access to the PRPS Summer Camp Google Doc, email [email protected]

Aquatics Roundtables
5/5/2021 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat box - PDF
2/11/2021 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
10/7/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
7/28/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
6/9/2020 Recording:  Click HereDiscussion from Chat Box - PDF
5/21/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
5/5/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box -PDF.
4/21/2020 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
3/30/2020 Recording: Click here. 

Program & Event Roundtables 
1/25/2022 Recording Click Here. Chat Box PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion Chat Box: PDF.
Recording: Click Here
8/4/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
4/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/3/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

Therapeutic Recreation Roundtable 
Recording Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
/27/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/8/2020 Recording: Click here.

Community Center Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.

Urban Roundtables
Recording: Click Here  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF. 
5/22/2020 Recording: Click here. Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF

Health & Wellness Roundtables
Recording: Click Here.Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF
5/6/2020 Recording: Click here.
Recording: Click here.

Maintenance Roundtable - 3/27/2020
Recording: Click here.

2022 PRPS Directors and Supervisors Roundtable (DSR)


Join us for this on-line and live, discussion session designed to assist  agency directors, park supervisors, managers and other leaders share information, discuss issues and address pressing concerns with other professionals in the field.

Parks and Recreation Directors, Managers and Supervisors need to be on top of many different areas including programming, finance, operations, supervision, human resources, advocacy, and leadership. We all could use some help. The Directors and Supervisors Roundtable is specifically designed for those in leadership who want to meet  with their peers to share ideas and challenges, network, and learn together in a supportive and confidential environment.  Each DSM Roundtable will feature a short informative presentation on a common issue followed by a facilitated discussion.  Additionally, time is given each session to discuss topics, pressures, and dilemmas you may be facing in your organization.  The DSMR is geared specifically for those in a leadership position who need an open and confidential platform to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions. Last year's sessions were a hit as the participants found it very helpful to talk with others in similar positions and learn from them.

Cost (includes 3 zoom sessions and 2 in-person roundtables
(Annual Conference and Fall Meeting)
$25 each or $80 for all five - PRPS/NRPA/PSATS Member 
$30 each or $100 for all five - Non Member

Wednesdays - Jan. 26, March 30*, May 25, Aug. 24, Nov. 16*
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
* In-person roundtables held at the Annual Conference and Fall Meeting

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Directors and Supervisor's Roundtable 10/13/21

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