Learning Networks

Learning Networks will provide a structure for members to engage with others of similar interests and expertise in training and social networking opportunities. They are designed to span a variety of competencies needed to excel in the field, and can be adapted to accommodate new trends and issues as needed. The following, based on the core competencies of park and recreation management, will be the first established:

  • Administration (human resources, finance, planning)
  • Aquatics (pools, splash pads, swim lessons, etc.)
  • Athletics (tournaments, leagues, coaching, etc.)
  • Emerging Professionals
  • Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
  • IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access
  • Programs, Summer Camps & Special Events
  • Therapeutic Recreation

In addition to the previously noted competencies, and as Networks advance, ad hoc committees can be established to meet the needs of members.

Learning Networks Liaisons
As with the former Branches, members will self-select into Learning Networks, and chose to engage as they see fit. While each Learning Network’s structure does not include an elected executive committee, it is expected that a volunteer Chair will be available to lead meetings and represent its interests to the Education Committee. The volunteer chair will be limited to a two-year term, with staff liaisons ensuring that replacements are secured prior to the completion of the two-year term. Volunteer chairs can also select to step down at any time as needed. Learning Networks will provide volunteer liaisons to report back to the following PRPS Committees:

  • Education Committee (details listed below)
  • Membership Committee
  • Conference Program Committee
  • DEI Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee

Learning Network Guidelines

  • Each Learning Network should strive to meet, at minimum, 3-4 times annually. Meeting may be conducted virtually or in-person. PRPS staff will assist with securing zoom lines and/or facilities as well as secure times at
    PRPS hosted events (i.e. annual conference, fall meeting)
  • Provide at least one tangible resource (training, publication, survey, etc.) each year that will benefit the PRPS Membership.
  • Work with the Conference Committee liaison/s to provide or suggest educational topics, speakers (with contact details) for consideration at the Annual Conference

Fall Learning Network Calls

During our fall Learning Network calls, we will secure our LN Liaisons that will represent the Network on the Education Committee along with a rep from each PRPS District. To help PRPS remain relevant to its members and influential in a changing environment and emerging industry trends, the Education Committee will assist staff in planning and promoting a comprehensive slate of continuous learning opportunities, in-person and virtual, throughout the year. The Committee will be comprised of one representative from each Learning Network and District to aid in:

  • Identifying new topic areas, speakers, and locations for trainings and workshops

  • Ensuring educational opportunities remain fresh, on trend, and align with core competencies

  • Assisting in the planning of the annual training calendar

  • Establishing appropriate participation rates for trainings and workshops

  • Assessing and implementing NRPA educational resources, themes, and initiatives as appropriate

  • Providing input into training and education-related member surveys and evaluating results

  • Coordinating appropriate social networking events.

  • Each fall, the Education Committee and staff will determine annual goals for the Learning Networks, based on member training needs, to expand educational, networking, and problem-solving opportunities.

Learning Network Schedule

Please note that all meetings will occur at 12 noon on its coordinating schedule date. 

September 21 - IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access

September 27 – Emerging Professionals

October 3 - Programs, Summer Camp, Special Events

October 5 - Aquatics (pools, splash pads, swim lessons, etc.)


PRPS continues to host Virtual Roundtables to provide a networking platform for members to share the challenges and issues they are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us to brainstorm ideas and share creative ways to cope with closures, new work restrictions, future unknowns, and how to move forward during this stressful time. Take this opportunity to share and learn with peers from across Pennsylvania. We are stronger together! 

Upcoming Roundtables

Join us for open discussion among your peers about topics and issues and share your stories and ask your questions! The first 45 minutes is open dialogue with the full group, and we will hold 15 minutes at the end for breakout room special topic discussions. We encourage you to send hot topics ahead of time to help initiate discussions - topics can be sent to [email protected].    

8/29 Maintenance Roundtable - What is Deferred Maintenance?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Roundtable Recordings 

Visit the Professional Development page for full list of recordings

Summer Camp & Outdoor Summer Camp Roundtables  
1/31/2022 Recording Click Here. Chat Box PDF. Related Documents.
Recording Click HerePDF. 
Recording Click here.  Handouts: 
     Pre-screen med. form PDF
     Safety Guidelines PDF
     Parent Handbook PDF
7/30/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
6/2/2020 Recording: Click here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
5/22/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
5/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/29/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/23/2020  Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/7/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

For access to the PRPS Summer Camp Google Doc, email [email protected]

Aquatics Roundtables
5/5/2021 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat box - PDF
2/11/2021 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
10/7/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
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5/5/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/21/2020 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
3/30/2020 Recording: Click here. 

Program & Event Roundtables 
Recording Click Here. Chat Box PDF.
Recording:  Click Here. Discussion Chat Box: PDF.
Recording: Click Here
8/4/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
4/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/3/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

Therapeutic Recreation Roundtable 
Recording Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
/27/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/8/2020 Recording: Click here.

Community Center Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.

Urban Roundtables
Recording: Click Here  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF. 
5/22/2020 Recording: Click here. Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF

Health & Wellness Roundtables
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF
5/6/2020 Recording: Click here.
Recording: Click here.

Maintenance Roundtable - 3/27/2020
Recording: Click here.